Ocala/Marion County is located in North Central Florida, just 35 miles south of Gainesville, about 70 miles northwest of Orlando and nearly equidistant to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. With this central location, the area enjoys the benefits of the prevailing ocean breezes, even though it is not coastal.

Residents of the area appreciate the generally mild climate and noticeable change of seasons. The spring is marked by the blooming of azaleas and a variety of fragrant flowers, summers are marked by lush greenery and the blooming of oleanders and crepe myrtles, and fall brings with it a colorful changing of leaves.  While there is no snow in the winter, holiday lights are often hung on pine and palm trees.

The annual average temperature is 72 degrees and with highs most of the year ranging from the low 70s to 80s, Marion County is a paradise for those who love to spend time outdoors. With a mixture of gently rolling grassland hills, majestic oaks covered in Spanish moss and pine forests to crystal clear springs and rivers to hundreds of ponds and lakes, the area offers an unparalleled ecosystem.

The hottest days of the year are in mid-July, with average highs in the low 90s and evening temperatures in the low 70s. The cooler, drier season begins in November with the changing of the leaves and lasts through February with daytime highs in the low 70s and evening lows in the mid-40s.


  • Average Annual Temperature  71.8 °
  • Average Maximum in July  91.8 °
  • Average Minimum in December  47.1 °
  • Days with 90 ° or Higher  109.3
  • Days with 32 ° or Lower  10.6
  • Annual Precipitation (inches)  52.04"
  • Average Annual Rain Days:  117

Source: 2012 SE Regional Climate Center