Welcome Home! Relocation Assistance


One of the most challenging aspects of moving to a new community is building connections. Regardless of the purpose of one’s move, being able to make a new city home is a difficult process even in the best of circumstances. For families this process is stressful as parents adjust to new jobs, children to new schools, and the search for doctors, barbers, and grocery stores begins. For many, building the connections can be so difficult that the first opportunity to pursue a different option because an opportunity to leave.

While difficult on individuals and families, this process is also difficult on employers. Employers invest thousands of dollars to recruit and relocate talent to the community. Companies are successful selling their product or service not necessarily in selling our community as a great place to live and work. When talent leaves, the company loses money on its investment and must begin the process again.


As a part of both its Business Retention and Business Attraction efforts, the CEP has heard firsthand the travails of companies in trying to recruit and retain talent. As businesses have gotten leaner, there simply isn’t the internal network to connect new talent to the community. Since no business is more successful than its talent, this has tremendous implications on the mission of the CEP to create a prosperous community.

To address the issue of talent recruitment and retention, the CEP is creating the Welcome Home! program.  This initiative will assist employers with introducing potential candidates to the community and then assist new hires with building local connections.

How It Works

Employers have the opportunity to select one of three levels of engagement with the Welcome Home! initiative depending on their needs.

Leve I-Community Introduction

The initial level of assistance is the Community Introduction Tour. This is an approximately 1-hour tour of the area built around the interests of the candidate. It is anticipated that a company would select this level when interviewing finalists for a position. It is an opportunity for the company to highlight not only their business but the community in which they operate. Welcome Home! guides are scripted and focused exclusively on selling your business and the community-at-large.

Level II-Community In-Depth

Once a candidate has been hired, the company can secure the second level of assistance, the Community In-Depth Tour. These tours are designed to include the spouse or partner and family. A customized schedule is prepared and most tours will take all day. This is a chance for the new employee and family to get a better understanding of schools, services, and the community. Again, the only thing being sold is the community. The Welcome Home! guide will not show homes or sale real estate, but provide an introduction to what makes our community a great place to call home. Post tour, the guide can provide a referral of CEP partners for specific requests and each tour includes a Welcome Home! basket.

Level III-Community Connections

Your new employee and family are in Ocala but now what?  The Community Connections level of assistance is focused on building connections between your employee, their family and the community. Over the first 3 months of the family’s (or individual or couple’s) location to the community, the Welcome Home! staff will set up one-on-one and group connections to similar individuals, couples and families who share your employee/family’s interests.


Free to all CEP Partners. Contact Amy Graham for more information or view the brochure

How to get started or for more information

Please contact Amy Graham, Welcome Home! Coordinator and Relocation Specialist, at 352.629.8051 or by email.